Braid Touch Up Appointment - 7 weeks later

Braid Touch Up Appointment – 7 weeks later 2

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Touching up your braids will help protect your edges from damage.

She is one of my regular clients. She alternates between braids and weaves. She is natural, and takes good care of her hair.


Photo by IzeyHair in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Braid Touch Up Appointment - 7 weeks later


This is her touch-up appointment, which was scheduled 7 weeks after the original appointment.  I rebraided about 2 rows in the front, the sides and the back. I also rebraided a few on top, which covered the old braids and new growth.

I recommend getting touch-ups within a few weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. We do not want the braids hanging on the new growth, which could cause significant damage to your hair.

? CLICK HERE to view more photos of touch-ups.






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