How To Conceal a Lace Front Wig (with video tutorial)

How To Properly Conceal a Lace Front Wig (with video tutorial) 1

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How To Properly Conceal a Lace Front Wig


What is a Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs are considered superior to regular wigs by many women suffering from hair loss and are also often used in movies and television shows. The “lace” is a strip of material that is nude in color and rests along the front of the wig, making a more natural look.



The Downside to Lace Front Wigs

The downside to lace fronts is they tend to come in one nude color. This is particularly a problem for darker skinned women. A custom wig can be made with a lace front that is close to your scalp complexion, but a close inspection will still show a line between your skin and the lace. The answer, fortunately, is a simple one – makeup.




How To Conceal The Lace

You do not even need special makeup – you can use the makeup you already have (assuming, that is, that you normally wear makeup). Specifically, you will need powder foundation and concealer. If you don’t normally wear either, then it might be worth consulting with a makeup artist to get the perfect shade.



First, turn the wig inside out and apply concealer carefully to the underside of any lace along the part. Then put the wig on. Make sure it is in the right place, and then apply concealer to the lace front. Finally, use powder foundation and be sure to blend it across the lace front. Look at yourself under natural light, not just in the bathroom.



If you do this, then makeup will build up on the lace front, possibly resulting in damage to the hairline. You should clean the lace about once a week for wigs worn every day. Use a cotton swab to gently dab rubbing alcohol onto the lace, putting a folded washcloth underneath to absorb the “released” makeup.


Lace front wigs can make for a much more natural look – and with this treatment, they will look even better.


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  • Video tutorial by Dyamond Myne

















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