Short Senegalese Twists Curled with Flexirods

Short Senegalese Twists Curled with Flexirods 1

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Short Senegalese Twists



  • Name of Hairstyle:

This braiding style is Short Senegalese Twists curled with flexirods.


  • What Braiding Hair Colors Were Used for This Senegalese Twist Style?

This is off-black: color 1B.


Short Senegalese Twists Curled with Flexirods

Short Senegalese Twists Curled with Flexirods. Photo by Izey Hair in Las Vegas, Nevada.



  • Type of Hair Extensions Used for This Style:

I used Xpressions braiding hair for this style (the original 82-inch packs).



  • How Many Packs Were Used?

I used 2 packs of the original 82-inch Xpressions braiding hair. (image below).




  • How Was the Hair Cut?

I cut the first pack of hair into 5 sections, which I used in the back and middle.

I cut the second pack into 4 sections and used it for the middle, top and front.



  • How Long Did It Take?

The braiding itself took a little under 6 hours. The curling and styling added an extra 30 mins.



  • How Was the Style Done?

After braiding, I wrapped the hair around flexirods and dipped them in hot water. I removed the rods and blow-dried the hair.

I trimmed the ends afterwards and added mousse, a little bit of Protein Gel and hair Jam to finish it up.



What Styling Tools Were Used?

Loving those Flexible Rod Curls (Flexi Rods) – How to curl braids



  • How Did the Client Feel About the Hairstyle?

She loved it. She is a regular client and she’s always happy with my work.



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