Individual Braids colors 99J and 30

Individual Braids – Colors 99J and 30

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Individual Braids – Colors 99J and 30:


I used two packs of Xpressions braiding hair.


Photos and Video by Izey Hair


  • What type of finishing?

The hair was feathered to achieve the tapered look. It was dipped in hot water to tame and seal it.


  • What type of aftercare?

Keeping the her hair tied up at night preserves the looks and prevents the accidental pulling at night.

I gave her a 2oz bottle of Shaft ‘N’ Scalp Mint oil for her scalp. This will keep her scalp moisturized, healthy and encourage hair growth.




Detangling and Styling Hair brush for all hair types

Great for Natural Hair, Human Hair and Synthetic Hair