Medium-Sized Senegalese Twist - Color 1B

Medium-Sized Senegalese Twist – Color 1B

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Medium-Sized Senegalese Twist, also known as Rope Twist and Two Strand Twist, is a great protective style.


Photo by Izey Hair in Las Vegas, NV

Medium-Sized Senegalese Twist - Color 1B


I used Xpressions Braiding Hair, color 1B (off-black). One of the multiple reasons I like Xpressions is because it is lightweight and easy to style.


I used the Feathering/Pulling Technique to prep the braiding hair. I dipped the braids in hot water in order to achieve the tapered look at the ends.


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10 Ways To Style Your Senegalese Twists 

  • Video Tutorial by Gweni*Lavay






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