Senegalese Micro-Twists – Colors 4 (brown) and 27 (blond)

Senegalese Twist / Micros / Micro-Twists

Braiding Hair Color – Brown (4) with Blond Highlights (27)


Photo by Izey Hair in Las Vegas, NV

Senegalese Micro-Twists - Colors 4 (brown) and 27 (blond) - Izey Hair - Las Vegas, NV


Braid Care:

Moisturize the scalp and braids. I typically suggest a leave-in conditioner that is a combination of oil and moisture. The frequency of application will depend on your environment and activity. Weather and temperature can impact moisture on the skin, scalp and hair.


I used Xpressions Braiding Hair.


The hair was pulled, stretched and feathered to achieve the tapered look. Watch a how-to video by MizizBundy below 



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